Standard Tier Guide for MTG Arena and Paper Standard

Sultai Scapeshift
Gruul Monsters
Orzhov Vampires
Orzhov Vampires
Esper Planeswalkers
Mono Red
Naya Feather
Temur Elementals
Nexus of Fate

Updated 7/17/2019

Today we published our Top 5 Standard Decks of the week going in to Grand Prix Denver.

Click here to read our picks for the Top 5 lists in Standard.

Updated 7/13/2019

Standard moves fast these days with the meta changing sometimes by the hour on MTG Arena.  Each week the team at Kingslayer Games plays thousands of games of Standard both on Arena and in paper at competitive paper events. We use the data we collect to make our Standard Meta Ranks Tier with our updated lists. The deck(s) that we pick for Tier 1 are in the best position going in to the following weekend.

You can find our rolling list of Standard content here. 

For Core Set 2020 Limited, check out our Tier guide here.

Our approach is simple: create a unique tier system and pair that with our deep dive articles, because that combination might make you a better player.

We would love to get feedback on our approach and you can always shoot us a message on Twitter @KingslayerMTG.

Tools we use daily:



Editor’s note: For Standard, we update the Tier’s each day. The most important update is on Thursday heading into FNM and competitive weekend events.