Modern Tier Guide

Azorius Control
Izzet Phoenix
Eldrazi Tron
Hogaak Vine
Blue Moon
Esper Deaths Shadow
Mardu Pyromancer
BTL Scapeshift
Grixis Urza
Mono Red Phoenix
Gruul Scale Up
Urza Tron
Eldrazi and Taxes
Boros Refurbish
Whir Prison
Aggro Cats
Combo Slivers
7/24/2019 – Hogaak Updated. Bring to Light Updated.
7/18/2019 – Infect added to Tier 2
7/16/2019 – Jund added to Tier 1.
7/15/2019 – Blue Moon added to Tier 2. There was an SCG event this weekend that had a lot of variety. Eldrazi Tron, Humans, Burn, Izzet Phoenix and Azorious Control were all in the Top 8. We will be posting updated lists and guides for both Hardened Scales and Jund this week on Wednesday and Thursday respectively.

Building a strategy guide or “Modern Tier Guide” is sort-of like writing a guide on the meaning of life. It will never be perfect or complete, but it sure makes sense to try. While some may rely strictly on data, we thought it worthwhile to mix data with some investigative work.

Each week we add articles summarizing the best decks and some fringe strategies. Our goal is to provide players with a unique resource for staying current heading in to Mythic Championship Qualifier season.

Our approach is simple: create a unique tier system and pair that with our deep dive articles, because that combination might make you a better player.

We would love to get feedback on our approach and you can always shoot us a message on Twitter @KingslayerMTG.

You can check out our rolling list of articles here to see our most recent posts chronologically.

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Editor’s note: This list is not complete. We add and update decks each week.

Decks to be added in July:

  • Valakut Scapeshift
  • Spirits
  • Mono Red Prison
  • 8 Ball Lightning

Decks to be updated in July:

  • Urza Tron
  • Hogaak X