Tournament Policy

Kingslayer Games Organized Play Tournament Policy

Kingslayer Games tournaments follow all Wizards of the Coast policies which can be found on the Wizards Play Network website here.

In addition to the Wizards of the Coast policies, Kingslayer Games has the following polices for all events:


  1. Player Behavior

All participants in Kingslayer Games events are to practice good sportsmanship. It is our firm belief that having a safe place to play Magic is central to everything that we do.

Disruptive or aggressive behavior will not be tolerated. Disruptive or aggressive behavior will result in either a Warning, Game Loss, Disqualification or Suspension.

Disruptive Behavior: Any actions deemed to be affecting the integrity of the event. Disruptive behavior is not aggressive towards another player. Disruptive Behavior will be addressed first with a Warning and then escalated to a Game Loss, Disqualification or Suspension if necessary.

Aggressive Behavior: Any actions directed at a Player, Tournament Official, Spectator or Judge that can be interpreted as degrading, offensive or detrimental to the integrity of the event as determined by the Tournament Official will not be tolerated. Aggressive behavior will result in Disqualification from the event and will include a suspension of at least 60 Days.

  1. Prize Splits

A prize split in the last round of an event is permissible as long as it does not affect the match result. The prize split conversation must not be connected to the match result.

Championship Points and Invitational Invites are attached to the finishes and the results of played matches. Any match played for Championship Points or Invitations must be played in good faith. Intentional draws do not award additional Championship Points.

Splitting or negotiating to receive or distribute Championship Points or an Invitation is strictly prohibited. These actions will result in disqualification from the event.

  1. Trading Policy

Kingslayer Games recognizes that Magic: The Gathering is a trading card game and trading Magic cards for Magic cards is permitted in the venue.

Trading Magic cards for anything other than Magic cards is not permitted in the venue.