June 3 | Weekly Recap


Every new week at Kingslayer Games means a new week of grinding points and a new week of competition. Every Monday we will review the previous week and spotlight one or more decks.

Standings are updated at blog.kingslayergames.com/standings-season-2 every Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday.

If you go undefeated at an event, let a Staff member know and they can take a picture of your decklist for the recap.

Editor’s Note: We’ve chosen to do two recaps this week — our regular Weekly Recap, and a special MCQ Recap. This is due to workload needs and a delay in processing the event data due to both the size of the event and transporting infrastructure. Stay tuned in the following days for our MCQ breakdown.

Monday Standard

With most players seeking to win our MCQ, Standard saw a bump in attendance. This week, Tiago Marreiros took down Dylan Feeman in the finals, Orzhov Knights overcoming the 4 Color Dreadhorde menace. This was Tiago’s first 4-0 in Standard and shortly followed his first 3-0 Draft the week prior.

Player Deck Record Points
Dylan Feeman 4 Color Command 3-0-1 3
Tiago Marreiros Orzhov Knights 3-0-1 3
Andrew Goodwin 4 Color Command 3-1 3
Tatsuya Sakamaki Golgari Land Destruction 3-1 3
Mike Ransom Grixis Control 3-1 3

Midweek Standard

As with Monday, players showed up in force for our Midweek Standard tournament, where ultimately James Packes would overcome Dylan Feeman in the finals. Back to back 3-0 starts for Dylan led to struggles against aggressive strategies, as James’ Mono Blue triumphed over the local deck to beat — Dreadhorde.

Player Deck Record Points
James Packes Mono Blue 4-0 4
Dylan Feeman 4 Color Command 3-1 3
Nico Urrea 4 Color Command 3-1 3
Thomas Greenwood Mono Red 3-1 3
Anthony Garcia Sultai Nexus 3-1 3
Johnny Bui Mono Red 3-1 3

Thursday Modern/Standard Showdown

A logical corollary to higher Standard prioritization, Modern had a dip in attendance as many players focused on Standard. Still, Thursday showcased the best our players have to offer, as powerhouse newcomer Andrew Farris lost an early match to Nico Urrea. This set the stage for strong finishes from both players, but ultimately it would be the streamlined Arclight Phoenix that would soar over the motley crew of Andrew Farris’ Humans. We’ve featured Nico’s decklist in the section below.

Player Deck Record Points
Nico Urrea Izzet Phoenix 4-0 4
Andrew Farris Humans 3-1 3

Friday Standard

Friday brought with it the last opportunity to practice Standard before the weekend events, and our FNM was dominated by Draft regular Alan Reeve. Alan’s FNM showcased an unfortunate mixup, resulting in him missing Draft, but 4-0ing Standard. An impressive feat for someone’s first time playing 4 Color Dreadhorde.

Player Deck Record Points
Alan Reeve 4 Color Command 4-0 4
Levi Hosler Izzet Phoenix 3-1 3
Thien Phung Gruul Midrange 3-1 3
Kevin Morris Esper Control 3-1 3
Kyle Miller Golgari Land Destruction 3-1 3

Standard Showdown

Brian Schmitzer rattles off another 4-0 finish, fighting through Standard Specialist Dylan Feeman in Round 1 before overcoming AJ Schremp in the last round.

Player Deck Record Points
Brian Schmitzer Mono Red 4-0 4
Peter Phan Esper Midrange 3-1 3
Bobby McCamey Gruul Midrange 3-1 3
James Packes Esper Control 3-1 3
AJ Schremp Unknown 3-1 3
Johnathan Galbraith Mono Red 3-1 3

Modern Featured Decklist — Nico Urrea’s Izzet Phoenix

Nico phx.png

Thanks for checking out our Weekly Recap, and as always, let us know what you want more of in the comments below. We’ll be breaking down the results of our Standard MCQ this week in a separate post, along with Modern Horizons content. You can follow me on Twitter at twitter.com/pariahpopular.