May 13 Weekly Recap

kingslayer invitational season 2

Every new week at Kingslayer Games means a new week of grinding points and a new week of competition. Every Monday we will review the previous week and spotlight one or more decks.

Standings are updated at every Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday.

If you go undefeated at an event, let a Staff member know and they can take a picture of your decklist for the recap.

Monday Legacy

Stalwart as ever in his approach to Legacy, Kevin takes down another Kingslayer weekly event with Esper Stoneblade, triumphing against a widespread field full of mana denial and Chalice of the Void. You can check his decklist out in our featured decklist section below.

Player Deck Record Points
Kevin Kiang Esper Stoneblade 3-0 3
Anthony Garcia Eldrazi 2-1 2
Warren Dolar Mono Red Prison 2-1 2
Mitchell Nguyen Jeskai Stoneblade 2-1 2

Thursday Modern

With most players taking a break from Modern for a couple of days, Thursday Modern showcased a dedication to the format. Anthony Garcia battled through Affinity in the finals, cementing himself as one of the go-to end bosses of Kingslayer Modern.

Player Deck Record Points
Anthony Garcia Amulet Titan 4-0 4
Joel Waters Devoted Company 3-1 3
James Park Tron 3-1 3
J Burley Affinity 3-1 3
Alexander Schremp Tron 3-1 3

Friday Standard

Starting off a 10 year hiatus from Magic with a 4-0 victory, John Dawson takes down FNM with an aggressive stance on Azorius Aggro, opting for streamlined turns over the versatility of Blue.

Player Deck Record Points
John Dawson Mono White Aggro 4-0 4
Thien Phung Gruul Midrange 3-1 3
Nico Urrea Esper Midrange 3-1 3
Erik Dowling Gruulharg 3-1 3

Saturday Standard

Kevin Mckerall pilots Esper Midrange to an impressive 4-0 finish over a strong crowd of Standard players. You can check out Kevin’s decklist in the featured decklist section below.

Player Deck Record Points
Kevin Mckerall Esper Midrange 4-0 4
Tyler Jo Gaines Unknown 3-0-1 3
James Packes Unknown 3-1 3
Brian Schmitzer Mono Red 3-1 3
Sean Thompson Unknown 3-1 3
Chris Kaifos Esper Control 3-1 3

Featured Legacy Decklist — Kevin Kiang’s Esper Stoneblade


Featured Standard Decklist — Kevin Mckerall’s Esper Midrange


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