Weekly and IQ #3 Recap — Tribal Alex and the Power of Andrew

kingslayer invitational season 2

Every new week at Kingslayer Games means a new week of grinding points and a new week of competition. Every Monday we will review the previous week and spotlight one or more decks.

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If you go undefeated at an event, let a Staff member know and they can take a picture of your decklist for the recap.

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Tuesday Modern

Modern continues to demonstrate its hold over Magic players, and this Tuesday was no exception. Jason Jahromi won the battle of the J’s, beating out format mainstay Joshua Yuan and shop newcomer Justin Droba for first place. This marks Jason’s second win in a row last week, as he took down Legacy with Depths (due to a technical error, we lost all standings for Legacy). For his Legacy list, check out the section below.

Player Deck Record Points
Jason Jahromi The Rock 4-0 4
Joshua Yuan Hollow One 3-1 3
Justin Droba Eldrazi and Taxes 3-1 3

Thursday Modern

Once again bringing diversity to the top performers, Modern Thursday brought a rematch to the Whir Prison versus Titanshift matchup prominent among our weekly events. Due to the Team Trios over the weekend, we’ve chosen to not include any Modern decklists from weeklies this time, but you can check out the decks populating the Top 4 in the section below.

Player Deck Record Points
Thien Phung Titanshift 4-0 4
Chris Tolar Whir Prison 3-1 3
Bobby McCamey Dredge 3-1 3
Nicolas Urrea Izzet Phoenix 3-1 3
CJ Sholtis Burn 3-1 3

Friday Standard

War of the Spark release brought a packed house for FNM, and Ryan Carpenter showcased the consistency of the Azorius menace. Navigating through a hostile battlefield, he took down Simic Nexus in the finals in a blistering series of games.

Player Deck Record Points
Ryan Carpenter Azorius Aggro 4-0 4
Alexander Schremp Jund Midrange 3-1 3
Tony Boozan Simic Nexus 3-1 3
Jason Jahromi Abzan Midrange 3-1 3
Philip Molnar Jeskai Planeswalkers 3-1 3

Legacy Deck

IQ #3 — Team Trios

War of the Spark has entered the world of men and with it the Kingslayer Games Team Trios event. This event challenged aspiring players to form their best fellowships, setting the stage for a riveting seven rounds of Magic before crowning a victor. A diverse field rocked the Legacy and Modern portions, while an unknown metagame prompted most Standard players to bring safe choices. Esper, Mono Red, and Nexus were among the popular decks, but fringe archetypes populated the rest of the field.

Well-known SoCal teams and players were in attendance, with Top Deck Keep bringing a powerhouse team. Snap Keep had an uneven four players spread across two teams, while many of our very own formed their own teams.


Skipping forward to Round 5, and numerous teams are in Top 4 contention. Snap Keep drew with everyone’s Tribal Alex amalgamation, while Top Deck Keep had to duke it out against powerhouse team Andrew. On the lower tables, hot Kingslayer versus Kingslayer action soothed otherwise tense matches, with The Djinns overcoming contenders RJR to earn their spot in the Top 4. In a hectic fight for Top 8 (and some prizing to go along with it), Team Lava Coil would overcome the Sausagefasts in a race to the finish.

Ultimately, a stacked Top 4 would ensue, pitting a variety of teams and players against each other to earn that elusive prize — a qualification for all three players to our second Invitational. Heading into the semifinals, The Djinns would find themselves against upstart Inland Empire team (with a Snap Keep defector) Alex by Association, in which the alliteration heavy team would emerge victorious. In the other semifinals match, Snap Keep faced off against LA County team Andrew — featured prominent Ponza player Andrew Son alongside eternal aficionado Mike Kravitz. Ultimately this powerhouse LA team would take down the camaraderie laden Snap Keep in a grueling match, earning themselves a spot in the finals.

Top 4
The Top 4 Teams.

Mike Kravitz would quickly dispatch Alex Brown, his Chalice and Containment Priest heavy Bomberman list overcoming the fragile but fast Reanimator deck. On the Standard side, Nic Johnson would take down Seth on Mono Red, showcasing the dominance of Teferi in a crucial match, sending all eyes to the middle seats. In this final installment of our Weekend at Bernie’s parody contest, a long match would ensue between Alex King and Andrew Son. With both players proving to be specialists with their decks, a powerful start from both players would set the stage for a crucial turn — Andrew Son’s Knight of Autumn to eliminate Dovescape. This crucial turn of events enables Fracturing Gust to be a live draw while slowing Alex’s board development. Ultimately, this disruptive creature deck would triumph, earning Andrew Son’s team their invite to the second Kingslayer Games Invitational this July.

Congratulations to Mike Kravitz, Andrew Son, and Seth Yandrofski.

Final Standings

Team Players Decks Place
Andrew Seth Yandrofski-Andrew Son-Mike Kravitz Mono Red-Naya Ponza-Bomberman 1st
Alex by Association Nicolas Johnson-Alex King-Alex Brown Esper Control-Enchantress-Reanimator 2nd
The Djinns Dylan Feeman-Bobby McCamey-Chris Tolar Boros Feather-Dredge-Depths 3rd
Snap Keep David Centeno-Carlos de la Riva-Luis Hernandez Mono Red-Elves-Tezzerator 4th
Top Deck Keep Dalton Hibbard-Ivan Espinosa-Chris Iaali Azorius Aggro-Tron-Miracles 5th
Team Lava Coil Kyle Miller-Anthony Opferman-Kurtis Roberts Mono Red-Spirits-Storm 6th
Team Zero Steven Suh-Bayani Mananasala-Vinnie Fino Simic Nexus-Azorius Control-Stoneblade 7th
Pizookie Logan Marts-Cesar Bazua-Konan Ahmed Esper Control-Creator Tron-Sneak and Show 8th
Wu Tang Matthew ReCasino-Anthony Garcia-Mike Romero Sultai-Amulet Titan-Grixis Delver 9th
RJR Ryan Carpenter-Jacob Brooks-Ryan Borashan Azorius Aggro-Rakdos Prison-Dredge 10th
Two Rocks and a Hard Place Eddie Lung-Nishant Soma-Daniel Wright Sutlai-Golgari Midrange-Dredge 11th
Sausagefast Andrew Goodwin-Jose Santana-Chase Chappell Boros Feather-Bogles-Reanimator 12th
Mishra’s Twerkshop Hugo Shah-Jones-Matt Groy-Harrison Bates Mono Red-Grixis Shadow-Punishing Blade 13th
No SB Check Tyler Kennedy-Daniel Hemstedt-Estevan Lopez Simic Nexus-Tron-Dredge 14th
Noob Master 69 Joshua Tenny-Bastion Noah-Alexander Schremp Bant Nexus-Mill-Goblins 15th
Team Concerted Effort Samir Wardicar-Charles Littles-Kourosh Alizadeh Mardu Angels-Humans-Miracles 16th
Carter’s Qualification Scheme Tony Boozan-Nico Urrea-Carter Barsh Orzhov Angels-Izzet Phoenix-Mono Red Prison 17th
I Don’t Know Jonathan Luna-Justin Teves-Wagner Sandoval Selesnya Tokens-Devoted Company-Eldrazi 18th


And with the end of our Team Trios Story comes everyone’s favorite part — the data! Listed below are metagame breakdowns for the three formats of the event, followed by full Top 4 decklists.

Metagame Breakdowns — Standard, Modern, and Legacy





Top 4 Decklists


1st Place — Mike Kravitz, Andrew Son, Seth Yandrofski

1st Legacy1st Modern1st Standard

2nd Place — Alex Brown, Alex King, Nicolas Alex Johnson

2nd Legacy2nd Modern2nd Standard

3rd Place — Chris Tolar, Bobby McCamey, Dylan Feeman

3rd Legacy3rd Modern3rd Standard

4th Place — Luis Hernandez, Carlos de la Riva, David Centeno

4th Legacy4th Modern4th Standard

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