April 15 Weekly Recap

Every new week at Kingslayer Games means a new week of grinding points and a new week of competition. Every Monday we will review the previous week and spotlight one or more decks.

Standings are updated at blog.kingslayergames.com/standings-season-2 every Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday.

If you go undefeated at an event, let a Staff member know and they can take a picture of your decklist for the recap.

Monday Legacy

Chris Tolar began his journey this week with a triumph in the Depths mirror, proving himself the greatest Yugioh player in the land. Back to back legacy wins for Chris as he prepares to be carried by myself and Bobby McCamey at our upcoming Team Trios event. If you want to see the power of nonblue cards in Legacy, check out Chris’ decklist below.

Player Deck Record Points
Chris Tolar Depths 4-0 4
Jason Jahromi Depths 3-1 3
Kevin Kiang Esper Blade 3-1 3

Tuesday Modern

Always a fan of interactive midrange mirrors, Chris Tolar took down Modern with Whir Prison, setting himself up for a potential hat trick finish for the week. Chris took down fellow Kingslayer Nico Urrea in the finals, overcoming format powerhouse Izzet Phoenix. We’ve featured Chris’ decklist below.

Player Deck Record Points
Chris Tolar Whir Prison 4-0 4
Nico Urrea Izzet Phoenix 3-1 3
James Park Tron 3-1 3

Thursday Modern

Modern always proves a popular format, and this week Thien Phung shifted along to an undefeated finish with his trusty Titanshift. This 4-0 finish meant no hat trick events for Chris Tolar, but still a great week for our Modern specialists. We’ve featured Thien’s decklist below.

Player Deck Record Points
Thien Phung Titanshift 4-0 4
Andrew Farris Eldrazi and Taxes 3-1 3
Chris Tolar Whir Prison 3-1 3
Jason Jahromi BG Rock 3-1 3
Robert Orellana Unknown 3-1 3
Bastion Noah Eldrazi and Taxes 3-1 3
Joshua Tenny As Foretold 3-1 3

Friday Standard

In the waning light of a diverse Standard format, four different decks stood out among the top performers, with Brian Schmitzer dominating the top of the standings once again with Mono Red.

Player Deck Record Points
Brian Schmitzer Mono Red 4-0 4
Daniel Duong Jund 3-1 3
David Ganyo Izzet Phoenix 3-1 3
Nico Urrea Esper Midrange 3-1 3

Friday Modern

Triple FNM once again offered four rounds of everyone’s favorite Constructed format and with it the triumph of Izzet Phoenix over Snapcaster Mage enthusiast Kyle debadshgaahdriauersdkbnsdklbnkjsgfdfrdelaben on Grixis Control.

Player Deck Record Points
Ryan Sanders Izzet Phoenix 4-0 4
Kyle Debardelaben Grixis Control 3-1 3
Bobby McCamey Dredge 3-1 3

Saturday Standard

Rattling off another undefeated finish, Brian Schmitzer sets his sights on a hat trick finish this week, with back to back Standard wins on Friday and Saturday. Showcasing mastery of a Standard format is no easy feat, and we’ll keep an eye out for a potential third win in a row from Brian.

Player Deck Record Points
Brian Schmitzer Mono Red 3-0 3
Thien Phung Gruul Midrange 2-1 2
Alexander Schremp Unknown 2-1 2

Legacy Featured Decklist — Chris Tolar’s Golgari Depths

Legacy Recap

Modern Featured Decklist — Thien’s Titanshift

FNM Standard

Modern Featured Decklist — Chris Tolar’s Whir Prison

Thursday Modern

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