April 1st Weekly Recap

kingslayer invitational season 2

Every new week at Kingslayer Games means a new week of grinding points and a new week of competition. Every Monday we will review the previous week and spotlight one or more decks.

Going forward, Standings will be updated at blog.kingslayergames.com/standings-season-2 three times a week at minimum, on Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday.

If you go undefeated at an event, let a Staff member know and they can take a picture of your decklist for the recap.

Standings have been updated. You can find them at blog.kingslayergames.com/standings-season-2 or in the Invitational Standings tab above.

Monday Standard

With War of the Spark spoilers upon us, Standard players have been bringing unique archetypes to the table, with Hanh Duy Tan earning his first undefeated finish here at Kingslayer Games with his one drop laden deck, overcoming the famed Mysterio archetype in the finals.

Player Deck Record Points
Hanh Duy Tan cuRiOuS oBsEsSiOn 3-0 3
Kyle Atlas Mysterio 2-1 2
Justin Recksick Mysterio 2-1 2

Monday Legacy

Chris Tolar took down the competition this week with his innovative take on Turbo Sadness, overcoming CoP: Opponents to earn himself a 4-0 berth.

Player Deck Record Points
Chris Tolar Turbo Sadness 4-0 4
Kourosh Alizadeh Circle of Protection: Opponents 3-1 3
Nico Urrea No Scope 3-1 3

Tuesday Modern

Jose Santana is no slouch when it comes to winning Modern tournaments, and Tuesday featured exceptional play on his part with Discount Pants navigating through a field filled with Project Yugioh.

Player Deck Record Points
Jose Santana Discount Pants 4-0 4
Bobby McCamey Project Yugioh 3-1 3
Chase Chappell Surf n Turf 3-1 3
Joshua Tenny Project Yugioh 3-1 3

Thursday Modern

As our second tournament this week offering “The People’s Format” formerly known as Modern, Nico Urrea took it all down with his format icon Surf n Turf. Packing extra sideboard cards for tough matchups like Solitaire and The Donovan, Nico navigated through a diverse metagame.

Player Deck Record Points
Nico Urrea Surf n Turf 4-0 4
Levi Hosler Lucky Number 7 3-1 3
Thien Phung Furries 3-1 3
Martin Mackey The Donovan 3-1 3
Erik Dowling Equal Opportunity Employer 3-1 3
J Burley Jewels 3-1 3
Aadil Rahaman Solitaire 3-1 3

Friday Standard

Brian Schmitzer battled through a Ham Sandwich heavy metagame to earn himself another victory with Smoke Break.

Player Deck Record Points
Brian Schmitzer Smoke Break 4-0 4
Dave Cyril Ham Sandwich 3-1 3
Joe Zuniga Esper Pirates 3-1 3
Erik Dowling Big Brain 3-1 3

Friday Modern

Rounding out our triple FNM day, Nico rattled off another win with Surf n Turf, beating out the tiebreaker sweat against community favorite archetype Equal Opportunity Employer.

Player Deck Record Points
Nico Urrea Surf n Turf 3-1 3
Bastion Noah Equal Opportunity Employer 3-1 3
Thien Phung Furries 3-1 3
Tony Boozan Surf n Turf 3-1 3

Saturday Standard

Looking to earn special foils, Standard Showdown saw Brian Schmitzer earn himself back to back wins with Smoke Break, overcoming another Ham Sandwich in the finals.

Player Deck Record Points
Brian Schmitzer Smoke Break 4-0 4
Max Curd Ham Sandwich 3-1 3
Thien Phung Big Brain 3-1 3

Legacy Featured Decklist — Minotaurs


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