March 11 Weekly Recap

kingslayer invitational season 2

Every new week at Kingslayer Games means a new week of grinding points and a new week of competition. Every Monday we will review the previous week and spotlight one or more decks.

Going forward, Standings will be updated at three times a week at minimum, on Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday.

If you go undefeated at an event, let a Staff member know and they can take a picture of your decklist for the recap.

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Magic Fest Los Angeles has passed and with no replacement for the PPTQ system of seasons prior, players have been turning to weekly events for their magic fix. We’ve seen a slew of innovative takes on decks to attack the established metagames. From Bogles in Standard to Mardu Control in Modern, weekly events are chock full of surprises.

Monday Standard

East Coast grinder Chase Masters took down Monday Standard with a seasoned version of Rakdos Midrange, overcoming a diverse field of aggressive decks on his way to the top.

Player Deck Record Points
Chase Masters Rakdos Midrange 4-0 4
Brian Love Azorius Aggro 3-1 3
Nico Urrea Esper Midrange 3-1 3
Jason Jahromi Mono White 3-1 3

Midweek Standard

An unusual split in the finals of Midweek Standard secured Sean Thompson and Tyler Jo Gaines a tied first place finish. This swingy matchup of Mardu Aggro versus Simic Nexus showcases the polarizing approaches to this Standard format.

Player Deck Record Points
Sean Thompson Mardu Aggro 2-0-1 2
Tyler Jo Gaines Simic Nexus 2-0-1 2
Alexander Schremp Mardu Midrange 2-1 2
Joseph Riccardi Simic Nexus 2-1 2

Thursday Modern

Ivan Espinosa powered through a diverse Modern field fresh off of the heels of Magic Fest Los Angeles. Aggressive decks dominated the event, with 4 different variants in the top performing decks.

Player Deck Record Points
Ivan Espinosa Azorius Control 4-0 4
Erik Dowling Humans 3-1 3
Bo Brinkman Dredge 3-1 3
J Burley Affinity 3-1 3
Andrew Farris Taxes 3-1 3
Vidianto Wijaya Izzet Phoenix 3-1 3

Friday Standard

Driving all the way from Victorville, Daniel Hemstedt took down FNM with his focused version of Esper Control. With a diverse and off-meta heavy metagame, we’ve chosen Daniel’s take on Esper Control as our Featured Standard Decklist this week.

Player Deck Record Points
Daniel Hemstedt Esper Control 4-0 4
Erik Dowling Gruul Warriors 3-1 3
Max Curd Jund 3-1 3
David Wallace Esper Control 3-1 3
Shiyun Yang Mono Blue 3-1 3

Friday Modern

Modern FNM proves to be a powerful addition in a season of Modern events, and this week featured Nico navigating through a Lightning Bolt infested metagame. We’ve chosen Nico’s decklist as our Modern Featured Decklist this week.

Player Deck Record Points
Nico Urrea Izzet Phoenix 3-0 3
Bryant To Boros Burn 2-1 2
Chris Kaifos Izzet Phoenix 2-1 2
Thien Phung Temur Scapeshift 2-1 2

Saturday Standard

Joseph Riccardi overcame a field chock full of Wilderness Reclamation decks, overcoming Chase Chappell’s strong finish with Selesnya Bogles.

Player Deck Record Points
Joseph Riccardi Simic Nexus 4-0 4
Chase Chappell Bogles 3-1 3
Joshua Tenny Temur Reclamation 3-1 3
Nico Urrea Esper Midrange 3-1 3
Tyler Jo Gaines Simic Nexus 3-1 3
Brian Schmitzer Mono Blue 3-1 3


Modern Featured Decklist — Nico Urrea’s Izzet Phoenix

Thursday Modern

Standard Featured Decklist — Daniel Hemstedt’s Esper Control

FNM Standard

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