MagicFest Los Angeles and Weekly Recap



Every week at Kingslayer Games means a new week of grinding points and a new week of competition. Each Monday we review the previous week and spotlight one or more decks.

Going forward, Standings will be updated at three times a week at minimum, on Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday.

If you go undefeated at an event, let a Staff member know and they can take a picture of your decklist for the recap.

With Magic Fest Los Angeles officially in the books, I wanted to take some time to outline the accomplishments of our players during the Grand Prix. I’ve included a section after the decklists recapping the results of our players. I couldn’t be more proud of the players at the shop, boasting a 25% conversion rate into Day 2 for the members of the Competitive Team.

Monday Legacy

Kourosh Alizadeh drew his match against Nishant Soma on a nightmare matchup for the grizzled Miracles player. Showcasing the most powerful control deck in Legacy is always an exciting moment, and we’ve chosen Kourosh’s Miracles as our featured Legacy decklist below.

Player Deck Record Points
Kourosh Alizadeh Miracles 3-0-1 3
Nishant Soma Goblins 3-0-1 3
Mitchell Nguyen Jeskai Stoneblade 3-1 3

Midweek Standard

Gates took down Midweek Standard, showcasing the power of Gatebreaker Ram in a field of midrange, leaning heavily on Deafening Clarion to overcome the aggressive decks. Shiyun’s Gates is our featured decklist for Standard this week.

Player Deck Record Points
Shiyun Yang Gates 3-0 3
Alexander Schremp Bant Control 2-1 2
Corey Vu Mono Blue 2-1 2
Yuchen Ma Sultai 2-1 2

Thursday Modern

Players showed up in force on Thursday in preparation for Magic Fest Los Angeles, resulting in two undefeated players after 4 Rounds. Bobby McCamey and Bastion Noah fought through a diverse field on their way to the top. Both Bastion’s and Bobby’s lists are featured this week in the featured Modern decklist section below.

Player Deck Record Points
Bobby McCamey Dredge 4-0 4
Bastion Noah Izzet Phoenix 4-0 4
Travis Young Azorius Control 3-0-1 3
Cole Werner Dredge 3-1 3
Chase Chappell Mardu Madcap 3-1 3
Anthony Garcia Amulet Titan 3-1 3
Tyler Jo Gaines Izzet Phoenix 3-1 3
Bo Brinkman Dredge 3-1 3
Alexander Schremp Unknown 3-1 3
Levi Hosler Burn 3-1 3

Friday Standard

With much of the Standard crowd enjoying the curtain call of Magic Fest Los Angeles, FNM was ripe for the picking, as Ryan Carpenter demonstrated with his 3-0 finish. Running back his IQ #1 win with Boros Aggro, Ryan took down yet another event with this powerhouse aggressive deck.

Player Deck Record Points
Ryan Carpenter Boros Aggro 3-0 3
Max Curd Jund Deathwhirler 2-1 2
RJ Van Viet Unknown 2-1 2

Friday Draft

Player Deck Record Points
Jason Zila Esper 3-0 3
Brian Schmitzer Rakdos 3-0 3

Legacy Featured Decklist — Kourosh Alizadeh’s Miracles

Legacy Recap

Modern Featured Decklist — Bobby McCamey’s Dredge

Thursday Modern

Modern Featured Decklist — Bastion Noah’s Humans

Monday Standard

Standard Featured Decklist — Shiyun’s Gates

Midweek Standard

MagicFest Los Angeles was an exciting event for Kingslayer Games. With a crowd of players in attendance, multiple feature matches, and many Day 2 contenders, the preparation and success of our players were showcased this weekend.

Team Photo

Congratulations to Greg Purpura, Anthony Garcia, Thien Phung, Anthony Opferman, Michael Tafoya, and Nico Urrea on making it to Day 2.

Ending Day 1 as one of the five 9-0 players, Greg was poised for a deep run with Mono Green Tron. Taking a couple of early losses in the day, and Greg found himself playing a win and into Top 8. Losing to the eventual finalist Gal Schlesinger in a set of three games, Greg earned himself a Top 16 finish, good for some cash and the pride in being the best performing Tron player of the tournament.

Jacob Deck Tech

Jacob Brooks’ innovative approach to the modern metagame earned himself a featured match and a deck tech. While ultimately losing the last round to fail to make Day 2, we’re happy to see our innovative players share in the spotlight. You can follow him on Twitter at

Jacob Deck Tech

Davey Oberlin found himself on a feature match early in the day and showcased the power of Bant Spirits. Giving a deck tech afterward, Davey outlined the important facets of piloting Bant Spirits. You can check out his and Jacob’s deck techs on the replay of coverage.

Davey Deck Tech

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