Pick Order List for Ravnica Allegiance Draft


With Ravnica Allegiance Draft becoming the go-to competitive Draft on Arena, many players will be diving deep into this set. Boasting a complexity beyond merely picking a guild, many players find pick orders helpful when approaching a new format. This pick order list is intended to be read from left to right top to bottom, the same way we would read a book. While personal preference plays a role in determining what cards to pick for many, we have done our best to completely rank the set by raw power, according to how early a card should be picked.


Any pick order needs a methodology for determining the rank. For this pick order, Andrew Goodwin and I collected one copy of each card from the set and laid them out on a table. This project of physically constructing the pick order comprised multiple days of discussion as we both favored different cards.


With no data from Magic Online or other competitive events, our opinions on cards are derived from dozens of Drafts.

Tier 1


Tier 2 — Powerful Playables, Better than Gates


Tier 3 — Gates and Solid Playables, Better than Lockets

Gates and Shocklands are in Best art to Worst art order.

Tier 4  — Lockets and Weak Playables

Lockets are also sorted by Best Art to Worst Art.

Tier 5 — Sideboard Cards


Tier T — No Travis, you can’t make these work