January 28 Weekly Recap

thumbki23Every new week at Kingslayer Games means a new week of grinding points and a new week of competition. Every Monday we will review the previous week and spotlight one or more decks.

Going forward, Standings will be updated at blog.kingslayergames.com/standings-season-2 three times a week at minimum, on Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday.

If you go undefeated at an event, let a Staff member know and they can take a picture of your decklist for the recap.

Living up to the hype of Prerelease weekend, the diversity of archetypes in Ravnica Allegiance showcased a draft format far deeper than its predecessor. With five more guilds to choose from, but a stronger set of off-guild draft archetypes, Ravnica Allegiance Draft proves to be a format to remember. Showcasing pushed multicolored threats and smooth mana, Ravnica Allegiance brings with it a refreshing reimagining of Standard. Avoiding the typical lame-duck Standard format, most players opted for unique twists on proven archetypes. With seven different decks performing well, Standard may prove itself to have a vibrant metagame.

Results for Modern Thursday

Hot off the heels of a bittersweet banning, Anthony piloted KCI to its final 4-0 finish on Thursday. With bannings going into effect on RNA Release, Thursday was the last opportunity for players to play KCI. Linear decks built the foundation for Modern, as many players adapted to the Arclight heavy metagame of the prior week. Jose took down Arclight in the finals, suiting up his hexproof menace with timely Coronets. We have highlighted Jose’s decklist as our featured Modern decklist this week, due to the ongoing legality of the list.

Player Deck Record Points
Anthony Garcia KCI 4-0 4
Jose Santana Bogles 4-0 4
Bo Brinkman Dredge 3-1 3
Thien Phung Titanshift 3-1 3
Chris Tolar 8-Rack 3-1 3
Chi Minh Ponza 3-1 3
Bastion Noah Arclight Phoenix 3-1 3

Results for Standard FNM

With packed seating on FNM we again had a double undefeated finish. Nicolas Johnson ran the gauntlet with Jeskai Control, while Anthony Garcia secured himself back to back 4-0 tournaments. This time it was with Jeskai Control, which proved itself to be the best performing archetype in the shop metagame. With many players opting for Lightning Strike filled decks, Absorb would prove itself to be the defining card of the day.

Player Deck Record Points
Nicolas Johnson Jeskai Control 4-0 4
Anthony Garcia Jeskai Control 4-0 4
Gary Quach Gates 3-1 3
Dylan Feeman Sultai Midrange 3-1 3
Chris Tolar Esper Control 3-1 3
Peter Quach Rakdos Burn 3-1 3
Joshua Tenny Spectacle Red 3-1 3
Jason Jahromi Goblin Menagerie 3-1 3

Draft Results for FNM

With five draft pods for release day Draft, it would prove to be quite an accomplishment to 3-0. Three players made it through unscathed, each with a different archetype of choice.

Player Deck Record Points
Greg Purpura Simic 3-0 3
Jesse Brizuela Gruul with White 3-0 3
Robert Whiteside Rakdos 3-0 3

Results for Saturday Standard

While Draft Weekend is immensely popular, some players prefer to play Standard. Running concurrently with Draft, we offered our normal Saturday Standard to players enthusiastic about the new format. Dylan Feeman took it down with Esper Control, which we have featured here. With Chris Tolar piloting the same deck to a 3-1 finish the day before, as well as many strong performances from the archetype at the SCG Open over the weekend, showcasing one of Standard’s hottest archetypes seemed worthwhile. Dylan’s Esper list is our featured Standard deck of the week.

Player Deck Record Points
Dylan Feeman Esper Control 4-0 4
Kevin Morris Mardu Midrange 3-1 3
Alexander Schremp Mill 3-1 3
Braydon Campeau Vampires 3-1 3

Modern Featured Decklist — Jose Santana’s Bogles

modern recap

Featured Standard Decklist — Dylan Feeman’s Esper Control

recap deck 1

Thanks for reading our Weekly Recap. Next week we will have a special recap, as this Saturday is the Inaugural Kingslayer Games Invitational. Sixteen players are qualified, and we’ll be highlighting some of the qualified players later this week.

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