January 14 Weekly Recap

Every new week at Kingslayer Games means a new week of grinding points and a new week of competition. Every Monday we will review the previous week and spotlight one or more decks.

Going forward, Standings will be updated at blog.kingslayergames.com/standings-season-2 three times a week at minimum, on Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday.

Joshua Yuan beat out Dylan Feeman to take down Thursday Modern, while Sophie had her first 4-0 with Sultai Control last Monday. Schmitzer ran the Standard gauntlet, taking down Friday FNM.

Listed below is our featured decklist — Joshua’s Hollow Onerecap deck 1

Spoilers from Ravnica Allegiance are over, and this weekend is everyone’s first chance to get their hands on some sweet new cardboard. We will be spending this week talking about the limited format of Ravnica Allegiance, as well as the constructed viability of spoilers.

Thanks for reading the first Weekly Recap, and if you have any comments or suggestions let us know.