$2,900 Kingslayer Invitational Season 1 Championship (Update 1/1/2019)


48983858_2134437946620312_5116411861880799232_o.pngThe Season 1 Championship will be held at Kingslayer Games on February 2nd at 12PM. Jeremy Fain will be our Head Judge. This event is invite only and spectating is encouraged. This is a cash event and it will be streamed on twitch.tv/kingslayermtg.


16 players will play two Swiss events before the cut to Top 8. Since we want the event to feature two formats and we only have 16 players, we need to have 7 rounds of swiss in order to have clean breakers. This will make it a lengthy event but we feel this will be the best in determining the most well rounded Season 1 Champion.

Part 1: Ravnica Allegiance Draft

Part 2: Standard (4 Rounds)

Top 8: Standard


1st Place – $1,000 and Invite to Season 2 Championship

2nd Place – $500

3rd-4th Place – $250

5th-8th Place – $100

9th-16th – $50


Participants: Please read our Tournament Policy and be familiar with the Infraction Procedure Guide and Magic Tournament Rules.