Announcing Season 2 (Update 5/21/2019)


Kingslayer Invitational: Season 2

Finalized Schedule for Season 2 (Updated 5/21/2019)

February 24th – Team Unified Standard

March 24th – Modern

April 28th – Team Trios

June 15th – Standard

June 30th – Team Limited

July 28th – Kingslayer Invitational Season 2

Season 1 (or Kingslayer Invitational 2019 as it has been called) is coming to a close this month. We learned a lot from the community and had a blast hosting these events. I wanted to thank everyone for participating and I can’t wait to share the details for the new plan for competitive play at Kingslayer… right now!

The thing that stood out from what we learned this year was that we have a ton of players that play a ton of Magic. I never could have anticipated that we would have 400 participants in Season 1, and that so many of them would have over 50 Championship Points. The largest flaw in Season 1 was only having 16 invites, and we are addressing that flaw directly with our new system.

We also initially had planned on making the next Invitational a year long queuing process. Looking back, 6 months feels just right so in 2019 we will have 2 seasons.

Change #1: 60 Point Threshold

Instead of capping how many players can qualify we want to reward players based on a minimum threshold. This is closer to how the Pokemon World Championship works or how Pro Points work currently for MTG Pro Tour. We noticed that many players will not qualify for Season 1 after really having strong performances and we needed to make this change to allow those players to participate in the Invitational. With the 60 point threshold, we estimate roughly 45 players will qualify.

Change #2: Removing the Invitational Qualifier

The IQ presented a unique opportunity to award an invite to a player for having a solid performance in a single event. While this may work in other tournaments, we found it didn’t fit well in our new threshold system that rewards in store play. We think it’s really important to reward those who make an effort to be a part of the community.

1/1/2019 – For Season 2, I had planned on removing the Invitational Qualifier for a few reasons. After getting feedback from the community, it seems I missed how much our players looked forward to that event. And quite honestly nothing else sounds quite as good as going to an “IQ”. In addition to the threshold system, 9 players will win invites to the Season 2 Championship.

Change #3: Adding Team Events

This time around, we are going to focus on some more unique formats to encourage community play. These will be held on the 4th Sunday of every month, assuming no crossover with a Prerelease.

Change #4: Removing Specialty Invites

It was a worthwhile experiment, but having an invite slot for a new player and an under 21 year old player didn’t have the effect I was hoping for. With the new threshold system, we won’t need a special slot for these players. If they play a reasonable amount they will have a fair chance.

Change #5: Prize Pool Increase to $3,000

We will be increasing the prize pool for the Season 2 Invitational. As with Season 1, this will be a cash event.

Change #6: Point System to Point Per Match Win

This is something we considered changing in Season 1. We did modify this for Constructed, but we left in the 4 point finish for going 3-0 in draft for Season 1. For Season 2, you will earn a Championship Point for each Match win during our weekly events.

Things we considered changing:

Weekly cap for points earned – Discouraging players from playing Magic ended up outweighing the potential benefits of throttling point earnings.

Qualifying by format – The sheer data entry work required to track this is a huge con. Additionally, this would mean it would be much harder to qualify for Standard than it would by playing Legacy for example.

Final Thoughts

I very much appreciate the support for Season 1. I had mentioned when we announced the Invitational that errors would be made and everyone has been great with providing feedback and understanding that there would be flaws along the way. This is a living and breathing process, and I expect that even in Season 2 we will make changes on the fly.

For Season 2 I’m personally most excited about the new threshold system and the team events. What are you most excited about?

-Travis Young

Owner, Kingslayer Games