Guilds of Ravnica Sealed Ratings and Guild Guide

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Prerelease is upon us and for those who watched our Prerelease Guide, we have our text ratings posted below. We will update these ratings regularly as more data on the Sealed format develops.

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First, general Guild rankings in sealed.

Dimir is my expected best Guild. This is a shift from the Golgari expectation last week, after jamming about 5 sealed leagues. The multicolored cards in Dimir are all quite strong, and surveil is a crazy powerful mechanic that helps you find your good cards.

Golgari is next for me, due to powerful multicolored cards and strong lategame bodies. Undergrowth is impactful in a format with a lot of resource trading.

Selesnya is the third best, as it has the ability to cheat on mana curve. Many 2-drops in this format have late game power, so they’re worth putting into your deck, and Selesnya has a lot of high toughness threats that can end the game on their own. You need to make sure you play enough early drops to play your convoke spells, as all of the creatures with convoke are over costed by 1 or 2 mana.

Boros is fourth for me, due to most of the staying power in the deck located at Rare or Mythic. If you have a good reason to be in Boros then it is quite powerful, but a lack of pump spells and a focus on small 2 power creatures requires you to focus on a large amount of noncreatures to burn the opponent out. You’re never a midrange or a control deck in this format if you’re picking Boros, so keep curving out in mind.

Izzet is last place, due to a reliance on clunky and overcosted jump-start cards, while having the least efficient bodies. Their guildmage is quite good, and they have some of the better supporting spells in the format, but the best cards you’ll put in your Izzet deck are either Dimir or Boros cards.

Below are the card ratings, and it should match the Videos pretty closely at this point in time. As the season progress, we will make changes and discuss why we make those changes.

Good luck and have fun at prerelease!

GRN Sealed Card Ratings:

Affectionate Indrik – B
Arboretum Elemental – C
Arclight Phoenix – B
Artful Takedown – B
Assassin’s Trophy – A
Assure/Assemble – B
Aurelia, Exemplar of Justice – B
Barging Sergeant – C
Barrier of Bones – C
Bartizan Bats – C
Beacon Bolt – D
Beamsplitter Mage – C
Beast Whisperer – C
Blade Instructor – C
Blood Operative – B
Book Devourer – B
Boros Challenger – B
Boros Guildgate – B
Boros Locket – B
Bounty Agent – C
Bounty of Might – B
Burglar Rat – D
Camaraderie – A
Candlelight Vigil – D
Capture Sphere – B
Centaur Peacemaker – C
Chamber Sentry – B
Chance for Glory – D
Charnel Troll – D
Chemister’s Insight – C
Child of Night – C
Chromatic Lantern – C
Circuitous Route – D
Citywatch Sphinx – B
Citywid Bust – B
Collar the Culprit – B
Command the Storm – B
Conclave Cavalier – B
Conclave Guildmage – B
Conclave Tribunal – A
Connive/Concoct – B
Cosmotronic Wave – B
Crackling Drake – C
Creeping Chill – F
Crush Contraband – D
Crushing Canopy – C
Darkblade Agent – B
Dawn of Hope – A
Dazzling Lights – D
Dead Weight – B
Deadly Visit – B
Deafening Clarion – B
Demotion – C
Devious Cover-Up – C
Devkarin Dissident – B
Dimir Guildgate – B
Dimir Informant – B
Dimir Locket – B
Dimir Spybug – B
Direct Current – C
Discovery/Dispersal – B
Disdainful Stroke – B
Disinformation Campaign – C
District Guide – B
Divine Visitation – D
Doom Whisperer – A
Douser of Lights – C
Dream Eater – A
Drowned Secrets – D
Electrostatic Field – C
Emmara, Soul of the Accord – B
Enhanced Surveillance – F
Erratic Cyclops – D
Erstwhile Trooper – C
Etrata, the Silencer – A
Expansion/Explosion – A
Fearless Halberdier – C
Find/Finality – B
Fire Urchin – B
Firemind’s Research – F
Flight of Equenauts – B
Flower/Flourish – F
Fresh-Faced Recruit – B
Garrison Sergeant – B
Gatekeeper Gargoyle – C
Gateway Plaza – B
Generous Stray – D
Gird for Battle – C
Glaive of the Guildpact – B
Glowspore Shaman – B
Goblin Banneret – B
Goblin Cratermaker – B
Goblin Electromancer – B
Goblin Locksmith – C
Golgari Findbroker – B
Golgari Guildgate – B
Golgari Locket – B
Golgari Raiders – F
Grappling Sundew – C
Gravitic Punch – F
Gruesome Menagerie – F
Guild Summit – D
Guildmages’ Forum – C
Haazda Marshal – D
Hammer Dropper – B
Hatchery Spider – B
Healer’s Hawk – C
Hellkite Whelp – B
Hired Poisoner – B
Hitchclaw Recluse – C
House Guildmage – B
Hunted Witness – D
Hypothesizzle – B
Inescapable Blaze – B
Inspiring Unicorn – B
Integrity/Intervention – B
Intrusive Packbeast – A
Invent/Invert – D
Ionize – B
Ironshell Beetle – B
Izoni, Thousand-Eyed – A
Izzet Guildgate – B
Izzet Locket – B
Join Shields – F
Justice Strike – B
Knight of Autumn – B
Kraul Foragers – C
Kraul Harpooner – B
Kraul Swarm – C
Lava Coil – B
Lazav, the Multifarious – B
League Guildmage – B
Leapfrog – C
Ledev Champion – B
Ledev Guardian – B
Legion Guildmage – B
Light of the Legion – A
Lotleth Giant – D
Loxodon Restorer – C
Luminous Bonds – B
Maniacal Rage – D
March of the Multitudes – A
Mausoleum Secrets – F
Maximize Altitude – C
Maximize Velocity – D
Mephitic Vapors – D
Midnight Reaper – B
Might of the Masses – C
Mission Briefing – C
Mnemonic Betrayal – D
Molderhulk – D
Moodmark Painter – D
Murmuring Mystic – C
Muse Drake – C
Narcomoeba – D
Necrotic Wound – C
Never Happened – C
Nightveil Predator – B
Nightveil Sprite – B
Niv-Mizzet, Parun – A
Notion Rain – B
Nullhide Ferox – B
Ochran Assassin – A
Omnispell Adept – D
Ornery Goblin – B
Overgrown Tomb – B
Pack’s Favor – C
Parhelion Patrol – B
Passwall Adept – B
Pause for Reflection – D
Pelt Collector – B
Pilfering Imp – D
Piston-Fist Cyclops – D
Pitiless Gorgon – C
Plaguecrafter – B
Portcullis Vine – B
Prey Upon – B
Price of Fame – A
Quasiduplicate – B
Radical Idea – D
Ral, Izzet Viceroy – A
Rampaging Monument – B
Response/Resurgence – A
Rhizome Lurcher – D
Righteous Blow – B
Risk Factor – D
Ritual of Soot – B
Roc Charger – B
Rosemane Centaur – B
Rubblebelt Boar – B
Runaway Steam-Kin – D
Sacred Foundry – B
Selective Snare – C
Selesnya Guildgate – B
Selesnya Locket – B
Severed Strands – C
Siege Wurm – B
Silent Dart – B
Sinister Sabotage – B
Skyknight Legionnaire – B
Skyline Scout – B
Smelt-Ward Minotaur – B
Sonic Assault – C
Spinal Centipede – B
Sprouting Renewal – C
Status/Statue – B
Steam Vents – B
Street Riot – C
Sumala Woodshaper – B
Sunhome Stalwart – B
Sure Strike – C
Swarm Guildmag – B
Swathcutter Giant – A
Swiftblade Vindicator – C
Sworn Companions – C
Tajic, Legion’s Edge – B
Take Heart – C
Temple Garden – B
Tenth District Guide – B
Thief of Sanity – B
Thought Erasure – D
Thoughtbound Phantasm – B
Thousand-Year Storm – F
Torch Courier – D
Trostani Discordant – A
Truefire Captain – B
Undercity Necrolisk – B
Undercity Uprising – C
Underrealm Lich – A
Unexplained Disappearance – B
Unmoored Ego – F
Urban Utopia – C
Vedalken Mesmerist – C
Veiled Shade – C
Venerated Loxodon – A
Vernadi Shieldmate – C
Vicious Rumors – F
Vigorspore Wurm – B
Vivid Revival – B
Vraska, Golgari Queen – B
Wall of Mist – C
Wand of Vertebrae – D
Wary Okapi – C
Watcher in the Mist – B
Watery Grave – B
Wee Dragonauts – C
Whisper Agent – B
Wild Ceratok – C
Wishcoin Crab – C
Wojek Bodyguard – C
Worldsoul Colossus – B