Kingslayer Games Invitational 2019 Announcement and FAQ

The Inaugural Kingslayer Games Invitational is right around the corner, and we wanted to outline the details for everyone that plans on participating.

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Q. What is the Kingslayer Games Invitational?

The Kingslayer Games Invitational is a 6-month league that leads up to a 16 person invite-only event awarding $2,500 in cash prizing.

Q. How do I qualify?

You can qualify by simply playing in weekly tournaments in the store. Nine players with the most Championship Points at the end of the season (December 31st) will be invited to participate in the Invitational. There will also be 5 Invitational Qualifiers leading up to the invitational. These events are “open” and do not have a prerequisite.

There are two additional invite slots. One Invite for an under 21-year-old player with the most Championship points on December 31st and one invite for a new player with Planeswalker Point Level under 30. Both of these qualifications will be determined at the start of the season. For example, if you are 20 years old and Planeswalker Level 29 at the time of your first event in the Invitational season then you would be eligible for both categories.

Q. Championship Points?

Championship points can be earned in any sanctioned weekly event of the following formats: Limited, Standard, Modern and Legacy. Swiss events only.

Q. Why $2,500?

When we decided we were ready to launch our Invitational, we wanted the prize pool to stand out and be large enough to encourage participation. We also wanted the event to last a full calendar year. Alas, here we were in June and ready to launch. We decided that instead of waiting until January 2019 to start the Invitational, we would start one this year to allow our players to get familiar with the format. $2,500 felt like the best option for the launch of the program and next year we are committed to having at least a $5,000 prize pool.

Q. What fees will I expect to pay to participate?

There will be no additional fee in our weekly events to earn Championship Points. The Invitational Qualifiers will be run at Competitive Rules Enforcement Level requiring a judge and additional prizing. Constructed IQ’s will have an entry fee of $25, while the Limited IQ will have an entry fee of $35.

Q. Will there be any modifications made during the season to the qualifying process?

Since this is our first attempt at promoting and executing a higher-level play experience, we expect that some changes may need to be made “on the fly.” Dates of IQ’s, the final format of the Invitational and the point system may need some minor tweaking once we start to collect the data from participants.

Q. When can we start earning Championship Points?

July 1st.

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