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Invitational Recap – Limited and Standard Top 16

  Sixteen players. Seven rounds. One champion. A stormy morning kicked off what would prove to be one of the most intense tournament experiences in recent memory. With a structure […]

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Pick Order List for Ravnica Allegiance Draft

Some players like to have a guide while they draft

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Ravnica Allegiance Draft Guide

A Ravnica Allegiance Draft Guide for beginners and experts.

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Kingslayer Deck Tech: Sultai Midrange (Standard)

With Ravnica Allegiance hitting Standard early on digital platforms, much of the information on successful decks are available to players. By utilizing Reddit posts and metagame trackers, navigating the Diamond […]

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Top 10 Modern Cards from Ravnica Allegiance

With the full set release of Ravnica Allegiance and the recent banning of Krark-Clan Ironworks, Modern is on everyone’s mind. Offering brand new mechanics and a revisiting of Shocklands, Ravnica […]

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Ravnica Allegiance Prerelease Guide and Rankings

Welcome to our Sealed Rankings for Ravnica Allegiance. The plan is to update these rankings as the format progresses, starting with my thoughts moving into Prerelease. While controversy drives discussion, […]

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Master of One

This month, Wizards of the Coast announced a change to competitive Magic to include Arena, Magic’s digital counterpart. Dylan takes a glimpse into the future of deck-building in this new […]