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Kingslayer Games Invitational 2019 Announcement and FAQ

The Inaugural Kingslayer Games Invitational is right around the corner, and we wanted to outline the details for everyone that plans on participating. Q. What is the Kingslayer Games Invitational? The Kingslayer Games Invitational is a 6-month league that leads up to a 16 person invite-only event awarding $2,500 in cash prizing. Q. How do I qualify? You can qualify […]

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Scapeshifting Through Toronto

First, let’s start with a little bit of background about me. I’m Canadian. That’s right. I am a maple-sucking, hockey-loving Canuck. When I first heard that there was going to be a Modern Grand Prix in Toronto, I HAD to jump on the opportunity to travel back to our home and native land (See what I did there?) to sling […]

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Modern Madness: Exploring the Unbans

Inevitably countless articles have already been written about Jace, the Mind Sculptor and Bloodbraid Elf being back in modern. And I usually would be more interested in the innovations in standard this week, but too much discussion about Jace and BBE has been about the apparent decks – UW control, Jeskai, Grixis control, and Jund. But there’s more potential than […]

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Junk Constrictor

Hey guys! I’m coming at you with another deck I put together recently to try out for the Standard PPTQ season. I’ve been looking at the top tier decks for the past couple of weeks, and I’ve been liking the B/G Constrictor lists that have been going around. The one card I liked from Rivals of Ixalan when they where […]

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Standard Procedure: Esper God-Pharaoh’s Gift

Rivals of Ixalan was the perfect “new year new you” of standard. 5 cards were banned, and a huge amount of constructed playable cards were added to support non-Temur non-monored archetypes. One of which is Esper God-Pharaoh’s Gift, which got two huge new tools in Dusk Legion Zealot and Ravenous Chupacabra. More importantly, the banning of Rampaging Ferocidon was the […]

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Jeskai Splinter-Blade

I’ve decided to have a little fun at GP: Santa Clara and play a home-brew for the event. Yes a home-brew. Back in the day one of my favorite decks I used to play was Splinter Twin in Modern. The deck was consistent and I loved the control aspect of the deck, so I decided to make a legacy version […]

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Guilds of Ravnica Sealed Ratings and Guild Guide

  Prerelease is upon us and for those who watched our Prerelease Guide, we have our text ratings posted below. We will update these ratings regularly as more data on the Sealed format develops. You can check out our youtube channel, and the subsequent Prerelease Guides here, and if you enjoy the content, please Like and Subscribe. First, general Guild […]

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Modern Madness: Success and Self Reflection

I started playing modern back when Birthing Pod was legal, and never really found a deck I enjoyed. I bounced from abzan coco, to eldrazi, to Jund, to affinity, and even to weird decks like Cheerios or Eggs. But I was never happy with any of these decks, and my success was always limited. I’ve always been a fan of […]

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The Right Approach: American Approach

After the dust settled from World Championships we saw what decks shined brighter than others. Classic Temur Energy ended up taking the win with William Jensen piloting the deck. The other top decks in the field were Ramunap Red (no surprise) and 4 Color energy splashing black for Scarab God. A new deck that emerged through worlds was UB Control. […]

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Modern: Madcap Moon Introduction

Written by Dylan Feeman It has generally been accepted that, aside from the occasional UW list, control is dead in Modern. With the combo decks being resilient to counterspells and conventional removal, and the aggro decks killing you on turns 3 or 4, it’s definitely tough trying to play draw-go. You’ll see the successful control lists playing sets of Ghost […]