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Modern Tron – Deck Tech and Strategy

Modern Tron is an archetype using a powerful set of three lands originating from Antiquities to ramp into huge win conditions.

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Standard Orzhov Midrange | Arena Standard and Best of Three

Offering a fresh take on an established Standard format, Orzhov operates on a similar axis as Esper Hero. By sacrificing the versatility of Thought Erasure and powerful blue sideboard cards, Orzhov is able to capitalize on a unique weakness of many decks in Standard — Field of Ruin. Almost absent from Standard, this once defining staple of midrange punishes many of the three color decks in the format. Backing up hard to remove threats with the most efficient and versatile removal spells in the format, Orzhov has the ability to match other midrange decks in the format. It does lack a powerful card advantage engine like Hydroid Krasis but makes up for it with Arguel’s Blood Fast and evasive threats.

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Modern Dredge – Deck Tech and Strategy

Once the menace of a bygone Extended format, Dredge has existed in some form since the creation of the mechanic in Ravnica: City of Guilds. Responsible for Dread Return and […]

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25 Cards I want in Modern Horizons

Following a Mythic Championship, Modern Horizons proves capable of having more impact on Modern than any ban or unban. Introducing brand new cards directly into Modern alongside a slew of […]

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MagicFest Los Angeles and Weekly Recap

  Every week at Kingslayer Games means a new week of grinding points and a new week of competition. Each Monday we review the previous week and spotlight one or […]

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The State of Modern: MagicFest Los Angeles Primer

Magic Fest Los Angeles is this weekend, and with Modern sporting dozens of playable archetypes, I felt it prudent to give insight on attacking the popular decks of the format. Each deck listed below consists of 3% or more of the expected metagame, and while not comprehensive, serves as a successful starting point for navigating a competitive landscape. I’ll give an overview of the general game plan of each archetype, followed by general sideboarding advice on how to approach each matchup, as well as effective sideboard cards. For those who want a cliff notes approach to metagaming, I’ve included a small list of bad matchups for each deck.

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Kingslayer Deck Tech: Standard Gates

Gates is an archetype made possible by the legality of Ravnica Allegiance. Utilizing the Gate cycle from Magic’s newest pseudoblock, Gates is a synergy laden deck with powerful payoffs, using the early turns of the game to deploy gates. With pushed midgame plays like Gates Ablaze and Guild Summit, Gates mitigates the slow nature of its mana base.

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Master of One

This month, Wizards of the Coast announced a change to competitive Magic to include Arena, Magic’s digital counterpart. Dylan takes a glimpse into the future of deck-building in this new […]